Garment labels

Types of Garment labels

There was a time when garment labels were just a piece of fabric attached to the garment but the perception has totally changed in recent times. A good quality garment label carry a strong message and makes you a distinctive brand. It is something which draws the attention of the customer to your brand. It is certainly the best communicator and holds an immense value in clothing. Customer generally accumulates the quality of your brand through the garment labels. Hence, it can make or break your customer loyalty.

Why it is used?

Garment labels are used in several ways by the companies.They are used as a bridge of communication between customer and manufacturer. They give all information about the clothes including the material used in making the product, how to care about the product, special instruction and tips, clothes size and the identity of the brand. Companies rely heavily on these garment labels as they are the most cost effective and prominent form of advertising.

Types of labels

Garment labels made of using several fabrics and techniques. It depends upon several factors like the brand, the quality of the cloth, target audience and affordability.

Woven custom clothing label– In the world of manufacturing, this type of label is considered to be very effective and popular. The name suggests that these labels are woven on the clothes with the help of polyester or cotton threads.That manufacturer who desire intricate and detail design, this label is perfect to them as it provides luxurious impression to garments.

Embroidered Garment label– There is not much difference in woven and embroidered label as both uses the same core material which is cotton or polyester thread and manufactured with same technique. However embroidered label use thicker threads that to woven labels. Also, these are less durable and inconsistent.

Printed labels– Beside the woven labels, one could also get printed labels for their garment. As the name suggest, these labels are printed with help of ink and plates. These labels are usually used for larger text like care label. Printed labels take very less time to manufacture but the quality is low and it is less durable.

Fabric used for labels

Satin labels- this is the most common material used for garment label. These labels are very soft and delicate in nature. However, they are very thin which increases its chance to snag easily.

Damask labels- It is very popular because of its soft and subtle nature. Those who wish to have fine design and trim finish should opt for damask as they are woven very tightly which gives high end impression.

Leather labels- these labels are generally used in jeans and pants and known for its strength. They are very bright in colour and give a professional look to the garments.

Garment label manufacturer have various choices to select in between different materials, however they also manufacturer special labels on the demand of their client.

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