Varieties of Kebabs

The Unique Varieties of Kebabs!

Indian Cuisine consists of such a huge variety of regional cuisines and these cuisines include a lot of different recipes for non-vegetarians. The state of Punjab is well-known for its chicken dishes while the state of Bengal is famous for its seafood. The world famous thing about Indian food is spicy. Almost all Indian food is highly spicy as it contains lots of Garam masala.

Indian non-veg dishes are so delicious and mouthwatering that one can’t resist to them. The creamy taste of butter chicken and a lovely platter of juicy kebabs will make you instantly salivate. The origin of kebab is believed to be Turkey and this word has come from the Arabic word Cabob which basically means to burn.

Kebab is made with the minced meat of lamb. The royal dishes of Kebab in India are Galouti, Shami, and Kakori. Here are some kebab recipes which you must try:-

  • Murg Palakke Garam kabab: Tikkis are made of chicken minced, along with spinach as the main component. Best served with green chutney and other sauces like sweet date sauce according to your favourite taste!
  • Potato Mushroom Kebabs: A type of vegetarian kebabs, the combination of mushroom, tomato and cheese with a topping of besan and also fried on low heat. Have a maximum taste by dipping in tangy achaari chutney.
  • Galouti Kebab: one of the most loved non-veg dishes in India originated from Awadhi cuisine that means Lucknow (the city of nawabs). The rich taste of minced meat kebab will give you an amazing experience. Usually, the recipe is served with UlteTaweKaParantha.
  • ChakleShami Kebab: A very popular traditional dish from the Mughal times, and now also serves the Royal kitchens of India. The dish is made up of very fine quality of meat. Serve hot and enjoy.
  • Chicken Seekh kebab: These kebabs are different from others as they are grilled on skewers, instead of eating this dish in the main course, they are eaten as starters. Full of char grilled flavours they are perfect for your special eve or party. The dish can also be served in a naan or a roll can be made. You can also get chicken seekhkabab recipe in Hindi.
  • Hara Masala kebab: Hara Masala here refers to kebab made from green vegetables like peas, spinach, potatoes, and an addition of species. The fresh vegetables make it healthy and spices add the rich flavour and taste.
  • Rajmake Kebab: The rajma made kebab are so delicious to eat. The crispy and crunchy covering on the soft filling gives a perfect combination.
  • Pyazi Kebab: The dish is more known as Pakistani kebab and another main component is onion. Best served with jaggery and tamarind sauce! A sprinkling of lime and mint can add to its flavour.
  • Yogurt Kebab: the creamy and buttery taste of this dish can make anyone mad for this cuisine. Completely made with dairy products is a great kebab dish to eat.

You can find recipes for each and every dish all the stated above. Try at least once, you will surely like them. Search now, chicken seekhkabab recipe and you will get full instructions.

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