Inexpensive Giveaway Ideas For An Event

What Are Creative, Inexpensive Giveaway Ideas For An Event

Whether it’s an event or you are celebrating your success with loyal customers, promotional products are an ideal way of taking the promotion to the next level. Various types of useful items allow you to reach existing and new customers in a creative way. As per studies, a business can increase the response rate by more than 15% by giving freebies to their customers.

Even today, items like key chains and pens are among the most common giveaway products. You can make your event memorable for attendees by giving them unique yet affordable products. But what are the freebies that other businesses aren’t using to stand high in the competition?

There are many types of modern promotional products like reading glasses, cell phone chargers, and others that are useful. But all of them are expensive products, which you cannot distribute to hundreds of attendees at an event. You need affordable items that you can give to please customers and turn them into loyal clients.

Here are some cost-effective yet unique freebies you can use during your next event:

  • Branded Food 

They all are foodies; they love to eat. It doesn’t matter what kind of event it is, attendees are always looking for ways to reach the food counter. Apart from free food for people at the event, you can give them branded food items in a nice package. The products can be chocolates, pastry, or any other edible items that people like to gulp anytime. On the package, you can engrave your business name or logo in an attractive manner.

  • Fidget Spinner

People have different thoughts about the toy. Some say it’s a stress buster, while others call it a complete time-waste. Still, all of them love to spin these little devices. They aren’t costly and you can get many of them. Try to find suppliers of fidget spinner who are also available with customization services. You can put your company’s name or logo on these toys and distribute them to attendees.

  • Intangible Freebies 

A freebie doesn’t always mean a physical item. We live in an era of technology where people live more time online than in the real life. You can use the digital technology to promote your business. As freebies, you can give digital items to attendees. They are equally useful to physical products. It can be vouchers of online shopping on an e-commerce website or electronic books.

  • Lip Balm

You can make your relationship with your customers stronger than ever by showing a little care. By giving them useful beauty products, you can gain their confidence. Lip balm is an incredibly useful item that comes with an inexpensive price tag. You can buy many of them and distribute to your attendees at an event.

  • Wristbands

Wristbands are colorful and fashionable wrist-accessories that people of all ages like to wear to enhance their overall personality. These are flexible, reliable, and non-allergic items. But this is not the only use of rubber bracelets. You can get cheap silicone bracelets and engrave your business name on them. You can customize these colorful wrist-wears to put a logo or your product’s clip-art on them.

In The End 

These are some creative yet affordable promotional items that you can use as freebies for your attendees. They are some useful products that still aren’t used by businesses today. You can get them at cost-effective prices and customize to turn them into promotional items to make your brand more popular. By using these products, you can impress your existing customers and win new clients.


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