Why do you need antivirus for computers?

Smart innovative technology has just changed the living trend. Computers have created their own optimum value in the market. The main objective for creating a computer was to decrease the workload of a human.

The main purpose of computers is they make your work easy. They are widely used in the field of business and marketing. Because of their storage capacity, they store a lot of data provided by the user of their customer. But when it is good then there is bad. The bad are viruses.

A virus is malicious software or encrypted program that infects the computer programs by overwriting the program commands and creating its own code either by replicating it or by replacing it. For a disease there is a cure therefore for a virus there is an antivirus. Antiviruses are made to give protection against viruses. Some of the most dangerous and trending virus list is as follows:





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These are a famous and most destructive virus of the century lets discuss over it one by one starting with the number one of the list

  • Zeus virus: Zeus is a Trojan type virus that infects computer for various criminal tasks. The computers were infected from either the drive or by download. This virus used to steal the login credentials of different social media platforms.
  • Mydoom: Mydoom was the fastest spreading worm after ILOVEYOU. The file after reaching the computer automatically changes the name to MyDoom. It was developed to disrupt the SCO group due to Linux conflict.
  • Sasser: This was the most annoying of all, what it does; it just slows down the speed of the computer. This worm has infected millions of computers.
  • Melissa: It was named after a famous dancer of Florida. It was an infected word document that was posted on some group claiming to have a list of a password of all pornographic sites.
  • Code red: This worm targeted the Microsoft IIS web server. It creates hundreds of copies
  • ILOVEYOU: It was known as the most virulent virus ever built. It completely overtakes the computer even a computer can be booted.
  • Cyptolocker: It used to encrypt the files and all the data on the computer, the only way to get rid of this was to pay a ransom within the deadline.
  • Flashback: This was not the damaging virus-like others but it has a deep impact on the Mac computer; it was a fake flash that becomes the part of the Botnet.
  • Conficker: It was also called DOWNUP & DOWNADUP, the infection was spread using the flaws in the OS. After infection, it blocks access to windows update, antivirus sites, and several services.

There are many antivirus companies that are in the market to find the best one do a search, for example, search for Norton security support. Antivirus is the only solution to this cure virus problem on your computer, get the best antivirus according to you and get rid of ransomware.

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