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Why Is Electronic Access Control Door Hardware A Necessity Today?

In a business house, a door is an essential part today. It not only creates an attractive impression on your customers but acts as a security check and temperature control. Your potential customers get the first impression of your business by the exterior look of your firm and doors are essential of that look. Doors nowadays come with air curtains, with or without them they help in controlling the interior temperature of your firm. Doors also keep your commercial property secure and safe from any kind of thefts.

There are various kinds of hardware’s that are used in and as door parts. So before we go ahead with knowing benefits of certain lets understand all about commercial door hardware. These hardware’s consists of locksets, exit devices and closers. They are specifically used for institutional purposes and are not recommended for residential use. These are essentially used in commercial setups as they have certain specifications that are strictly used for institutional purposes such as, meeting building codes  ADA compliance, fire safety etc.

When you visit commercial door hardware manufacturers nowadays, the first thing they may recommend you in context of a door setup will be to have an electronic access control technology or they may ask whether you want a door that is able to synchronize with that technology, or not. If you look around, lately all firms are incorporating these facilities into their units. These facilities are really helpful in today’s world where security has become a major concern. Both external and internal customers of a firm where are important for any business to work, they also become a threat if wrong individuals are playing these roles with wrong intentions.

The facility of a card-operated lock system comes with components such as a computer, a magnetic- striped keycards which have approximately 11 levels and card-reading door locks which are computerized. It also comes with a handheld computer which programs, interrogates, and troubleshoots the door units. This facility works in a simple mechanism where to open the door the person who has the card slides it, this card has an encoded instruction same as the door, when these two codes match, the computer opens the door. If the information/codes on the card are invalid or they don’t match the door stays shut.

The benefits of this system are as follows:

  • It is very flexible, as technicians can change the lock as per requirement just by changing the programming. As often desired or needed reprogramming can be done and the locks will change.
  • This system is also useful for record keeping purpose as it records all transactions. It also provides the printout of all the changes if required for the administrative purpose.
  • It also has a facility of encoding cards for emergency as well as a master card. These cards can be used by certain personnel as per need.
  • There is no need to re-enter a password again in a system. Once encoded, the system reads it automatically through the magnetic strips.
  • The card automatically expires a time slot and if it needed can be renewed if not it can be left for automatic cancellation.
  • These cards also can be tuned with time slots, as in, these cards will only work or open doors only within a given time range.
  • These cards can also use onetime access cards, i.e., there is an option of creating cards which will only work once and it is of no use after one use.
  • The computer system can also memorize the codes of last 20 cards used and it can be reused for access if required.

These technologies are highly helpful in the maintenance of the new generation technology related to door hardware is to select the most appropriate hardware. While visiting door hardware manufacturers you must also pay close attention have the most appropriate hardware and to get preventive-maintenance units that keep components working properly.

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