vitamin K is so important during the tenure of pregnancy

Why vitamin K is so important during the tenure of pregnancy?

A lot of you might have heard of vitamin K vaccines. The first thought that might strike you is why it ceases to be so important. One thing that most of us are aware is that it does help the blood to clot. It is indeed important that the baby does have enough dose of it for the tenure of labor and at the same time in the process of recovery later. This is on the rarer side and the deficiency of this vitamin, but it is given over to the babies so as to reduce the risks considerably. You ought to consider the fact that vitamin K vaccine for babies does prove out to be an absolute must.

Vitamin K is needed for the healthy bone development, and in the liver it is needed for protein formation. Once again vitamin K does help in the clotting of blood. If any wound does occur it does help to heal in a quick manner. At the time of giving birth it does pose a lot important. This is once you are giving birth and the body is going to be in a recovery phase and heel at the same time. You need to ensure that sufficient levels of Vitamin K are also important for the baby and this is indeed important at the time of birth. Once again the fact of the matter is that vitamin K deficiency is rare in the case of kids. It could lead to a condition where the chances of bleeding do increase to a considerable extent.

At the same time it would be fairly easy it would be fairly easy to obtain vitamin K from a well-balanced diet. At the same time being fat soluble, the body tends to formulate pouches of fat in the liver. It would be ready for when you need it. The body would  be ready when you need more of it. Here you need to be aware that vitamin K is nutrient rich and this would include foods that are not affected by cooking.

Coming to the next part of the question what is the exact amount of vitamin K that you would need. It would depend upon the size of an individual. For illustrative purposes if you are around 65 kg of weight you would need around 65 mcg of vitamin K as well.  There are some form of medical conditions which could have an impact on the ability to absorb nutrients. If the risk is there and that too you are not having enough of vitamin K, then there is no other option other than availing a supplement. If this is the case then you would need to get in touch with your health care provider or health expert at the same time. This would  be about consumption of a supplement. They are going to evaluate the pros and cons before they give a final say on what to adopt.

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