3 Ways Data Centres are moving the world today!

The world today is technologically advanced and connection to the internet is absolutely critical. Most of the activities require network support for instance when sending emails, checking social media activities, video conferencing or accessing online data tools. Each process means you’ll eventually be using services of one or more data centres.

Even in today’s modern world, most of the users underestimate the critical role of these data facilities. In fact, they’re the backbone in executing many different routine processes especially those related to the internet, data storage and applications; which means almost everything that we do!

Lack of appropriate support from the tier 3 data centres would eventually alter users capability to engage in pursuing day to day activities and pose a serious downfall for the business industry. As technology grows in many different ways, let’s have a look at a few facts as how these facilities make the world go round and make current advancements possible

  1. Ecommerce industry: Data warehouses substituting the malls

Just a few years back, shopping and purchasing goods was carried out the typical way that is by visiting retail outlets and malls; transaction cycle completes within a brick-and-mortar store. But today, much of this has changed with rapid modernisation driven by technology and evolution of a robust electronic commerce (Ecommerce) market.

The year 2014 witnessed rapid transformation with more than 198 million consumers in the U.S. migrating to the e-commerce platform. This is more or less 80 percent of the country’s total population and so made a huge impact. As we speak, the online shopping sector is growing every day, month and year with an increasing number of customers opting for online mediums.

With this scenario, it can be assumed that we’re actually living in a world where data centres have replaced typical shopping malls and would continue doing so. Another example can be of events such as Cyber Monday and many others allowing a pool of online shoppers to flood ecommerce websites.

So to ensure the entire process remains smooth and streamline with portals and services open to public, support of a reliable data facility is crucial. There’s already an air of change as shopping mall owners from all over the world begun filling their storefronts with more than physical goods and assets for purchasing.

A survey performed by The Wall Street Journal concluded that empty and abandoned departmental stores are being repurposed into data centres. Rooms that were previously occupied by cloth racks and other merchandises have been replaced by servers and many different computing hardware.

Life’s already moving at lightning-fast speed with more and more shoppers avoiding the stress and complication of typical brick-and-mortar stores. Ecommerce or retailer websites are the rage and the trend is likely to continue which makes these data storage facilities even more important than ever.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) goes conventional

Yet another trend is of data centres supporting Internet of Things (IoT) or in simpler terms, the ever-expanding network of wireless devices connected to the internet on the go.

These devices come with many different features such as home appliances, thermostats and other wearable devices connected through Bluetooth technology.

Another survey revealed that more or less 10 billion devices around the world are IoT connected today and the count by 2020 is expected to reach 40 billion.

  1. Consumer activities

Business corporations are among the biggest consumers of computing power from a data centre as executing many different tasks wouldn’t be possible without the support. Many of the activities are common that we do almost every day for instance;

  • Online bank statements
  • Connecting with peers through social media
  • Reading news and conducting other tasks on the go via smartphone, a tablet or a laptop maybe
  • GPS technology for travelling
  • Reserving restaurants, hotels, air tickets and more online
  • Live streaming of favourite shows, music and other entertainment services


These are only a few examples of how data centres are moving the world. Careful observation would definitely reveal more than you can possibly imagine!

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