stem cell therapy

What a stem cell therapy points to in the first place

The mere mention of the term stem cells points to the fact that they possess the ability in order to form some other cells in our body. They can be pluripotent or multipotent in stature. They are a part of the repair system which means that they can replenish or divide into duplicate cells as per the situation. The daughter cell does possess the ability to become a stem cell or it can go on to don the hat of a special cell with specialized functions.

The procedure of stem cell therapy in India

If the doctor is of the opinion that this course of treatment is the best then they are going to discuss a detailed treatment plan with you.  The moment a patient agrees for the treatment plan then an appointment is fixed. Here the process of bone marrow extraction starts off as well.  As this works out to be a minimal invasive form of surgery it is advised that the patients do not pick up any blood thinning medicines 10 days before the surgery. In case the patient plans to discontinue their medicine it would always be better to consult their doctor.

The treatment starts off with bone marrow extraction. Here the doctor goes on to take the bone marrow from the hip of the patients. For this procedure to be over it takes 30 minutes. You do go on to incorporate local anaesthesia on the area where the puncture is expected to be made. With the help of a needle a small fraction of the bone marrow is being extracted. The process it might seem to be a lot painful, but the surgeon might not go on to feel it.

After this the quality along with the quantity of the stem cells you go on to test in the lab. You will come across the fact that the stem cells are isolated. Then a process of separation is adopted to separate the red and white corpuscles. With the help of this sample you go on to test it in sterile conditions before you go on to administer it to the patient. The sample at the same time is tested for viral diseases such as HIV etc.

This is to be followed by the process of stem cell transplant. But you also need to understand that it could go on to alleviate the symptoms in most cases. The degenerative process can also be removed as well. In most of the cases it might even not work as well. it all depends upon the age and general health of the patient. Then the surgeon may go on to take a call as well. At a certain point of time the surgeon may even cancel the course of treatment as well.

Having said so there are a lot of side effects with stem cell therapy as well. A chance of mild infection could arise with a sore mouth. Sometimes difficulty in eating is also seen.

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