Rd Grease Stains off Jeans

6 Smart Ways to Rd Grease Stains off Jeans

Collecting grease stains every once in a while on the pair of jeans is nothing unusual but then, what about those stubborn marks that refuses going away! The worst of all is when you’re out and find a nasty grease spot on your favourite, newly bought jeans. If you’re wondering how to remove grease stains from clothes, especially jeans, just read on for some ingenious tips!

  1. Resist damping with water

While useful on grease, this trick is for oil-based stains as well! When smudging your denim with anything oily or greasy, just don’t give it a water treatment directly. It’s obvious that oil and water don’t mix so it’ll only set the stain deeper.

  1. Blot with a dry towel or napkin

Whether ketchup, oil, soda or grease, the first step is blotting the stain with an absorbable towel or napkin to extract out the substance as much as possible! This is more important with grease because you don’t want to set it in deeper within the clothes fibre. Just be quick in blotting the stain as much as possible and removing it entirely afterwards won’t be much of a problem. Don’t scrub or rub the stain especially if its fresh or you’ll only sink it deeper that’s harder to remove!

  1. Hairspray to the rescue

In case the grease stain happens when on the move, all you need is a hairspray to do the trick. Lucky many of the public restrooms also include hairsprays at the sinks or you may simply run to the nearby convenient store and buy a bottle. Spray it enough to cover the mark and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Use a clean and damp piece of cloth to dab it away completely or, wash the jeans as usual if you’re home but only after the hairspray treatment.

  1. Club soda or salt water mixture

If the stain happens at a restaurant, salt and cold water are two ingredients readily available that’ll help you survive or, you may ask the bartender for some club soda. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in to a cup of cold water, dab the stain with a rag which is pre-soaked either in salt water mixture or soda. Blot till the stain disappears completely or enough of it to let you walk around the place and head home.

  1. Talcum or baby powder does the trick

If you’ve talcum or baby powder at an arm’s length when the stain happens, this is just your lucky day! Sprinkle enough of the powder to cover the mark completely and let it stay for least 20 minutes. Simply brush off the stain till it goes off or, leave it covered in powder till you return home for the usual wash treatment.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

If you aren’t having talcum or baby powder at hand, artificial sweeteners are readily available at most of the restaurants or buy a few packets from the nearest shop. All you need is smother some directly on the stain and let it sit before your wash it down the regular way.


When it come on how to remove grease stains from clothes, jeans in particular, follow the above steps and you’ll probably have a stain-free pair in no time!

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