polished plastered walls

Benefits of Polished Plastered Walls

If you are thinking of polishing your walls, then getting polished plaster walls is the way to go. These types of plasters are getting popular due to their numerous benefits. Originally, these walls represent the 16th century designs in Venice, Italy and people who are looking for a traditional look of their premises opt for these walls. Recently, it has become one of the most popular finishes in the market. Here are all the reasons as to why you should get polished plastered walls.


Polished plaster is one of the most versatile treatments available. No matter what the texture of a wall has or what finish it previously has, you can apply polished plaster on literally any texture. Moreover, it is the easiest wall treatment that can be used on columns and in archways. Whether you want treatment on drywall, wood, tiles or brick wall surfaces, polished plaster will give you the look you need.


If you get polished plaster walls, then the plaster would dry to an extremely hard finish and it would make the product exceptionally durable. It doesn’t shrink with the change in weather and withstand the impacts that could cause other wall finishes to crack. Moreover, it also resists the water seepage and hence doesn’t expand or crack. However, if there is a little damage or chipping, you can get it repaired in almost minimal cost making it easy to maintain.

Easy maintenance:

Plastered walls are one of the easiest to maintain. They withstand almost all types of weather conditions and you won’t have to spend a lot of money in its repairs and re-touching etc. you won’t have to paint it again and again and it can serve you for many years without fading. Moreover, it also dries and wets quite easily so even the exterior walls are almost effortless to clean. Water evaporates easily through these walls and doesn’t trap moisture under the walls. On other finishes, such things can prove to be problematic.


Polished plastered walls are timeless. It is a classic style that is good and stylish for every era and looks good in your house no matter what design and style you want. It eliminates the need of paint and gives your walls a timeless and chic look. You can modify the look based on your taste and needs. It maintains a fresh appearance in your house and keeps it classy.


Polished plaster is one of the best ways to help protect and preserve the environment and to make the planet more healthy. All the ingredients used in the plaster are non-toxic and eco-friendly. These biological ingredients provide a safe environment for people who have medical conditions and allergies. If the paint is applied twice or trice, it provides an optimal indoor air quality. Lime is usually used in the manufacturing of the product and as lime is high in pH, it automatically acts as an anti-bacterial surface and prevents the growth and prevails of harmful bacteria that cause reactions and allergies in people. Moreover, it doesn’t allow the mold and other fungus to grow and cause problems. If you want to add layers of insulation to your home, plastered walls are the way to go.

If you are thinking of remodeling your house, then considering plastered walls should be on your list. Moreover, you would enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your walls will last decades with little or no maintenance and you would be able to breathe healthy and non-toxic air.

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