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Nowadays, it is the most preferred option to go for trading through the internet. It does not consume much of your time and is not dull because you don’t have to ring up your broker to carry out an order. Traders like better to do trade online. This trend has given rise to new kind of brokers who are called as Discount brokers. They charge less commission and don’t give any advisory. This kind of trading is for people who know trading and are skilled in it.

One can check top 10 stock brokers in India who are well versed in the trade for years and execute orders for their clients. As the market has thousands of brokers and various schemes from all of them, one needs to go for a little survey before reaching any conclusion. There are ample options in the market, and hence one needs to check his requirement first before going for any of these brokers. Here are some facts that one needs to check before opening an account and starting the trading in the same.

  • Check the rates: One needs to check various rates of brokerage such as rate for intraday and delivery trading in the cash segment as well as future and options contracts in the derivative segment.
  • The account opening charge: In majority cases there are no account opening charges levied by the service providers, but a few of the service providers yet charge this amount. In such cases, one needs to decide if he still wants to proceed or not.
  • The features: Many times the service provider offers numerous facilities that make him favourite among the trades with huge volume. These features include the facilities of funding, credit period, the applicability of app, online transaction, quality of app and process time of payment. Usually, each organisation has a turnaround time but that not necessary that each of them follows the same rigorously. Hence one needs to check it before initiating the trades.
  • The support system: In case of an account with the offline system or online, the client may need a helping hand in some circumstances, and at that point, the organisation must be flexible enough to support. If the client has an online account, but due to power failure or internet connectivity issue he is not able to trade, the organisation must offer offline support to carry out trading.
  • The process of trading: The process of trading is very simple, and hence one can easily learn it. However, the service provider must arrange for training or demonstration of the same so that even for a short period when the client is not that experienced he can trade in the live market with the help of an operator.

The understandings of these points and proper guideline to the same may make one get the best of the trading account from any of the leading service providers in the avenue of the stock market. One needs to check all these points with maximum possible service providers.

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