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How to Plan a Wedding

It is a known fact that marriage is the union of two people or two souls. Since the couple has many expectations from each other, that is the reason they make many vows and promises to each other. As marriage is considered a sacred ceremony, the chapters of the holy books are recited on occasion to make it more auspicious. This is a very special occasion for both the bride and the groom that they wish to live with more excitement. Both the bride and the groom are very special for the occasion and desire to make every moment to be a memorable one. Every moment and action is caught on the cameras to recollect them later on. All these moments and joy will be shared with their children and grandchildren. These long-lasting memories become your asset that you preserve in your lives and memory. These memories serve as a torch and give you energy and zeal by which your life becomes livelier.

Preparations for a wedding ceremony:

You have to undertake many things into consideration when you are planning a wedding ceremony. This planning is very intricate. Planning of everything is to be done with great care so that you don’t leave any department unattended whether it is the list of guests, the dress, the venue, theme, decoration, food menu, photographer, and entertainment. Different things are to be considered while planning the wedding ceremony is as under:

  • Guests

Carefully prepare the list of guests who are to be invited to the wedding party. Invitees could be from your relations, friends, acquaintances, and people from other countries. You can make your guests happy by sending flowers to Pakistan to make your relations more strong.

  • Dress

Choice of the dress is very important factor in the wedding as all eyes are watching you. For that reason, you should be very choosy with your dress. Mind it to get the one that is suitable according to the season. Select a customized dress.

  • Invitation

Send invitation cards, or you can use other modes of communication for the invitation to save time. It is necessary to give invitees ample time so that they can join you on the wedding.

  • Theme

Set a theme that you think is conducive to your taste. It can be a forest, sea beach or anything you like for the occasion.


  • Venue

The venue is an integral part of the ceremony that could be a banquet hall, church or some other destinations both of you like to solemnize the wedding.

  • Decoration

Special attention should be given to the decor of the venue. You can choose lavish one or simpler that should complement the theme. Use flowers for decoration and send flowers to Pakistan from U .K.

  • Food menu

Food department is an important one on occasion. Choose food items that are commonly taken on the weddings and should be within the limits of your budget.

  • Photographer & entertainment

Hire some renowned photographer to capture the memorable and joyful moments. For entertainment, you book a reputed musician or a magician who will entertain guests.

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