International relationship programme

International relationship programme in India

International Relations (IR) multidisciplinary field of educational studies for the student having an interest in international affairs. The programme involves the study of political science and covers international affairs in depth. The course includes various disciplines like history, economics, fine arts, literature and religious studies. After graduating as a student of IR a person can pursue a career in many fields including law, education, private industry, government and the non-profit sector.

International relations programs in India is offered both as degree and diploma courses. After graduating as a bachelor in international affairs you have the opportunity to maintain good diplomatic relations between countries, make sure things run smoothly between countries and prevent international conflict in this highly interconnected world.

Carriers After Doing B.A in International Affairs

As a graduate in this field, a person has great knowledge about political affairs, public policies, social issues, economic trends and more. There are many carrier aspects in this field, some of the most perused carriers include

  1. Political analyst- expanding the political climate

You can be employed by the government or can find work opportunity in research institutes or Media Company and your major tasks will include:-

  • Putting events into historical context
  • Forecasting political trends and election outcomes
  • Giving advice to political parties and government officials
  1. Diplomacy- maintaining peaceful relationships between countries

 A diplomat has to represent a nation’s interest related to politics, trade and services. A diplomat usually spends about three years in foreign countries and his major tasks will include:-

  • A diplomat act as a link between his own country and the country where he is stationed
  • Collect all the information that affect the interests of your nation and report it to the country
  • Discuss commerce, trade, economics, social issues and cultural aspects with the local government
  • Negotiate any conflict to maintain peaceful relationships
  1. Lobbyist- promoting ideas and make them a reality

As a lobbyist, you have promoted ideas of certain association, corporation and non-profit organisations and convince the government members to take decisions supporting the ideas of the company they are representing. The major tasks of a lobbyist are listed below

  • Use communication tools and media to promote ideas to the public
  • Reach out to the policymakers of the government
  • Record, investigate and analyse legislation
  • Be present at the congressional hearings 

If a student wants to continue with his studies after doing graduation in this field he can also go for post-graduation as there is a wide scope for international relations masters in India. the duration of this course is two years which is divided into two semesters and the minimum eligibility of  60% in the graduation. The average fee for this course ranges from 6,000 to 3 lacks while the average salary is about INR 2 to 20 lacks. In this course, the students’ study topic like globalisation, war, ethics and human rights in depth. The main focus of this course is to increase the capacity to engage with the literature in the field of international relations.

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