Places to explore when in Ranikhet

Ranikhet is one of the most stunningly beautiful hill stations that you will come across in northern India. Located in Uttaranchal, a place with the maximum number of celebrated hill stations in India, Ranikhet is another place in this region that ought to be explored.

Ranikhet is a fairly well-developed tourist location with more and more tourists pouring into this place every passing day. If you are thinking about visiting this place then start planning for your trip as soon as possible and first book your preferred Ranikhet hotel first, in order to avoid any last moment difficulties. Once in Ranikhet, here are some of the places that you must visit:

  1. The Chaubatia Gardens: This is the most celebrate tourist location of Ranikhet. The Chaubatia Gardens are actually an orchard that has series of trees of apples, apricots, peaches, plums and other delicious fruits. The most striking part about this orchard apart from the finely pruned and maintained trees is the view that this place has to offer. It is surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks in the distance and it is truly a sight to catch a glimpse of the hills from here. Do make sure that you visit this place in the morning.
  2. The Upat Golf course: Just a couple of kilometres away from the main centre of Ranikhet is the Upat Golf course. This is a must visit location during your Ranikhet trip since it is the highest golf course in Asia! Ranikhet being a cantonment town has all the important locations maintained by the Indian army and so is the Upat Golf Course. If you want you can participate in a game of golf here since non-residents can also apply for membership in this golf club!
  3. Bhalu Dam: When you check out the hotels in Ranikhet with tariff, look for places that are located in the main area of the town since then you will be able to access all the important locales like the Chaubatia Gardens and the Bhalu Dam with ease. The Bhalu Dam is an artificial lake which is a quiet and serene place. You can spend a lovely time here with your loved ones with the forests lining the Dam and the mountains visible in the distance.
  4. Haidakhan Temple: Another very interesting feature of this hill station is its temples. They are many in number and are dedicated to local Gods and Goddesses mostly. The Haidakhan temple was built by Haidakhan himself. In fact, it is believed by the local people that he was an incarnation of Shiva and locals flock to his temple every day, since they consider it to be very auspicious.
  5. Majkhali: Take a car from Ranikhet and travel about 13kms to reach this lovely hamlet. It will take you less than half an hour to reach here. Majkhali is known for the lovely view that it offers. If you are looking for a nice spot for a picnic in the hills this is a very good option.

These are some of the top 5 places that you should visit in Ranikhet. There are many more that you can check out once in the hill station, itself!

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