Family Trip to Uganda

Planning the Perfect Family Trip to Uganda

The Pearl of Africa is generously blessed with natural and manmade splendours where the different parks, landscapes, and cities have found itself decked upon the likeliness of its tourists. Uganda is surely a great place to go out for a family vacation. Families travel here with the expectation of sharing the thrill of all the activities that can be found specifically in Uganda. Uganda safari is what most families or tourists opt out for as they are affordable and filled with activities. Share each moment for each moment is dead and is a frame to what we can be.

Lake Side Adventure Park

Qualifying as the only park to have rope courses fit for everyone, this park brings a ton of excitement through its various challenges. You can find this park in Mukono which is located in the central regions of Uganda lying on the shores of Lake Victoria. With exciting adventures comes a great of responsibility and thus this park is equipped with a team of highly trained professionals who are there to support you or offer you assistance. The activities here include rope climbing, obstacle courses, shelter building, crater tower building, and soccer. This place has been a family favourite vacation spot as it has the perfect blend of fun and excitement. Kids love to participate in all of these recreational; activities along with adults. Most importantly all of these are done under professional supervision which ironically applies to the adults too.

Queen Elizabeth national park

Its diverse ecosystem has drawn countless families to this park which also is the largest park in Uganda. Being the most popular park has its perils as it is highly saturated during the tourist seasons. It is sprawling savannah. Lakes, wetlands and humid forests are some of the main reason for it being so famous amongst the tourists. This is home to almost ten primate species and over 500 species of birds. The park doesn’t compromise on its view as well since it has carefully carved crates with a panoramic view of Kanzinga channel. A boat ride along its bank is highly advisable since there’s a chance that you might end up seeing hippos, buffalos, and elephants. If luck is really on your favour, then you might spot a lion or two hiding within the fig trees ready to ambush its prey. This park is the microcosm that represents the richness which entails the biodiversity in Uganda. The activities here are extremely fit for families since there are no age limits here. It is advisable to keep this place on the list if you are travelling with your own herd.

 Lake Mburo National park

It takes three days to reach this place from the cityscapes of Kampala. It indeed is a great spot for family vacation. There is no limit to the age of each participant so it is naturally more welcoming to the heterogeneous families. You can expect game drives, boat rides, and horseback safaris to explore whatever this place has to offer. Zebras, buffalos, warthogs, and impalas are some of the animals that frequent the landscapes of this park.

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