Unique ideas for organizing a kitty party

Kitty parties are fun times for women. It is their way of taking a break from the daily routine and indulging in some ‘me’ time with their female pals. Generally, the kitty parties are monotonous wherein women meet and greet; gossip, play some fun games, have snacks and leave. However, with the passage of time, some women have become progressive and have changed the idea of kitty party.

Newer concepts and ideas of organizing kitty parties are introduced wherein women do much more than simple talks and games. They also try to get some new ideas from different sources such as friends, families, relatives and even the internet.

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Here are few ideas for organizing a unique kitty party:

  • Movie review

Watch a movie, new or old and each member of the circle has to share the review in your next kitty party. For those ladies who love to watch movies, such party can be funnier.

  • Sharing a new recipe

Potlucks are a passé now. You can go a step ahead and share the recipe of a new delicacy which is your specialty or a staple food of your region. This gives other ladies a chance to try their hands on a new recipe for their family and kids. Hence, for those who love to be kitchen queen, this idea can work well. After all, sharing is caring!

  • Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is a very common practice in corporate offices. However, you can adopt the practice in kitty party as well. You can share something new which you might have heard or read somewhere. You can also narrate any incident which teaches a lesson or sets an example for society. This way you can enlighten and motivate other women in your circle.

  • Innovative themes

Theme Kitty parties are a usual practice, but you can make it unique by opting for themes which are unconventional.

This would make the party exciting since the outfits, as well as decor, will be different from routine making the experience memorable.

  • Movie marathon

If you have all noon with you, why not plan for a movie marathon! You can cherish old memories by playing all time classic favourites.

  • A day out

If you wish to push the envelope further, why not plan a day or two out with your lovelies. You can plan for a weekend get-away to some nearby picturesque location to take a break from the monotony and spend quality time with your girl pals. You can now send cake to Pali with the help of renowned online cake shops across any place in the city.

  • Book review

You may not be an avid reader, but you can push yourself to read some book and share the review or synopsis in kitty party.

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