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How to Get Prepared for the Economics

Class 11 is an important phase of a student’s life and Economics is a crucial subject for the students, who have taken it. The Economics is based on the major concept how the societies utilize the limited resources to produce the essential commodities and the distribution of these essential commodities among the living beings of the societies. The particular subject is involved with one major fact and that is the resources are limited and the society should use all the resources in an effective manner.

Class11 Economics Ch-1 Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence is the NCERT Class XI Economics’ first chapter. This chapter is based on the following objectives:

  • The students have to be familiar with the concept of the Indian economy’s state in 1947 (the year of India’s independence).
  • This particular chapter is essential for understanding the factors that is responsible for the stagnation and the underdevelopment of the economy of India.

Students should be familiarized with the concept “Indian Economic Development” along with the basic characteristics of the Indian economy, its associated development, its present condition, and post independence economic situation. Chapter 1 is associated with the following categories:

  • Introduction
  • Low level of economic development under the colonial rule
  • Agricultural sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Foreign trade
  • Demographic condition
  • Occupational structure
  • Infrastructure
  • Conclusion

This chapter is involved with a range of ‘work this out’ categories that are rich in different types of questions. The particular questions help the students for revising and brushing up their concepts. The respective chapter is involved with the following statements:

  • The students have to understand the economic situation prior to the independence and they should appreciate the overall development level that has been achieved by the Country after the post independence period.
  • During the colonial dispensation, the economic policies of the Government were associated largely with the protection and promotion of the economic interests of the British, rather than developing the colonized country’s economic condition and its associated citizens.
  • The agricultural sector faced stagnation and incremental deterioration in spite of the crucial fact that the large part of the Indian population had a dependency on to sustain.
  • The systematic policies pursued by the British-India government were responsible for the destruction of the very famous handicraft industries of India without the contribution.
  • There were inadequate health facilities for the common people. So, frequent natural phenomena and famines had pauperized the people of India that were responsible for the high mortality rates.
  • The colonial regime made some efforts for the improvement of several infrastructure facilities, but those particular efforts were made for some selfish reasons. After the independence, the Government of India made the future economic plans and social development strategies for the Country.

The chapter is rich in exercise questions. In order to brush up the knowledge, the students should solve these questions. After completing the whole chapter properly, they should move to another chapter. The students should read every line properly. The cbse class 11 economics chapter 1 is a very amazing chapter with which the students can know the then India’s economic condition.

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