Life of an IIT aspirant in Kota

People arrive in Kota with big aspirations and a head full of dreams. Kota is the IIT coaching hub of India, where tens and thousands of individuals come every year to prepare for the JEE Advanced exams and kick start their dreams to study in an IIT.

Why choose Kota out of all places?

Kota in Rajasthan is known as the educational capital of the country. As soon as you enter the city, you will find Kota covered with posters and banners displaying how many students from which institution are now going to IITs and how many students have scored the first, second and third position in their NEET examinations. It is a city bustling with youth who get up in the morning, walk or cycle to these coaching institutes. These students’ burn the midnight oil and study day in and day out. Kota and not Mumbai, is the city that never sleeps.

How to choose the right coaching centre?

Plan. Planning is the keyword to all important decisions and this is going to be the most important one in a while. This will map out your future and your career. When you will spend so much on living and tuition expenses it is very important that you ask people who have already studied in Kota regarding the best institute there. Go online and look up people who have recommended certain classes. Make a list and zero down on a few and then go to Kota in advance and ask the students studying in these institutions as to how happy they are with the way classes are conducted and the teachers and how many of them provide them with online iit  jee preparation. Nothing will be as helpful as a coaching centre who has online mocks and tests to keep your brain fuel going.

What to expect?

Once you come to Kota, don’t come with a mindset that you will study all week and party on the weekends. If you’re coming to Kota come with a mindset that you will study every day of the week and you will keep some time to yourself for relaxation. Regular studying helps you to stay in track and helps you keep in touch with your academics.

You will find huge buildings that look like posh hotels as soon as you come to Kota. These buildings aren’t hotels but are coaching centres that have an intake of around 200 students per batch. At first this will feel extremely intimidating, but slowly you’ll get used to it and you’ll find the confidence to raise questions that you have, no matter how stupid they are. It is important to ask questions because they clear your concepts. At the end of the day a clear, composed mind is a well prepared mind.

Places that have online iit jee coaching classes mostly give all their students accounts and everyone can see their progress compared to the others. This helps them to understand and calculate how they will fare in their exams.

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