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How Do You Profit From Hadoop Training

A career in big data is one of the greatest prospects at the moment for youngsters and experienced alike. A peep into the current trends of the global job market will tell you that big data professionals are earning up to 30% more than IT professionals or software developers. This is of course a generalized account but should serve well enough to let you have a hang of the current situation. When one considers a career in big data, the first name that comes into mind is Hadoop. You really cannot help it; Hadoop has been almost synonymous to big data for the last few years.

Hadoop had solved the greatest problem faced by enterprises that wished store their data for analytical advantage. The Hadoop Distributed File System offered just the amount of cheap, distributed storage space that was need of the hour. This and other Hadoop functionalities rapidly engulfed the market. And today the Market for Hadoop is growing at a 58% CAGR. The Apache Hadoop software suit is currently used by thousands of companies including product based and service based enterprises. Although Spark has somewhat taken over the market of Mapreduce, a Hadoop tool, there is no match for HDFS.

There are two problems that employers face and that should please the aspiring employees. Firstly, there are not enough skilled Hadoop professionals around and consequently hadoop talent comes at a steep price. Secondly, the learning curve for Hadoop is a bit out of the ordinary. Since the functionalities are quite inclusive, learning them takes more time and effort than most other big data tools. This is why becoming a Hadoop expert entitles you to a lot of great opportunities around the globe. As long as the need for storing and processing the exponentially increasing amount of data remains, the demand for Hadoop professionals will be there.

As far as the market is concerned, choosing a career in Hadoop is an option that involves a really low amount of risk. But if you do want to become a Hadoop expert the training should be impeccable and inclusive. It is really important for you to choose a course that fulfills all the needs and prepares you for the industry. Best Hadoop Online training facilities in India are offerning a considerable opportunity for both students and professionals to get into the matter and acquire skills that matter. An online Hadoop training course spanning 120 to 160 hours and combing recorded and streaming instruction can pretty much prepare you for the industry, provided that the curriculum is well targeted and evenly balanced between theoretical and practical education. You get the opportunity of becoming a certified Hadoop operator while saving a sizable amount of time and money that an offline facility would have cost you.

Whether you go for off line or online Hadoop training, what matters the most is getting ready for the job. Hadoop jobs are equally demanding and mastering Hadoop does take a decent amount of effort on your part. Take the challenge, you will not regret it.

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