Places to Celebrate Christmas

World’s Top 5 Places to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. It is now known as a global festival and is celebrated with great pomp and show regardless of the location or ethnicity. This is that time of the year when people all over the world are in the mood to party and go on for vacation. So, if you are considering the best places to visit during Christmas, check out the list below and plan a zealous Christmas celebration.

  1. Bethlehem, West Bank – What could be more magical than spending your vacation in the birthplace of Jesus? The generation these days do not really understand the essence of Christmas and they end up overindulging and grabbing the presents. But let’s not forget that Christmas is all about love, forgiveness, empathy and so on. If you and your family are in need of a refresher, you can go on this pilgrimage. The best places to check out the Christmas Magic in Bethlehem are the Manger Square and the St. Catherine’s Church.
  2. New York, USA – One of the preferred holiday destinations of the millennial. The huge Christmas tree with more than 30,000 LED lights at the Rockefeller Centre Plaza will leave you awestruck. The tourists and the residents love to indulge in ice skating. Go for some window shopping and check out some of the largest stores in New York City. Make sure that you take your family to the Macy’s Santaland as this is nothing less than a little wonder. You would see a number of elves, toy trains and Christmas trees sure enough to invoke the feeling of pleasure in your hearts.
  3. Zurich, Switzerland –Switzerland’s snow, chocolates, and wine are extremely famous. So make the best of your vacation in Zurich. There are a plenty of Christmas markets and the entire atmosphere is so festive that you would feel nothing less than enchanted. Make sure that you go to the Conelli Christmas Circus and Rämistrasse. You can always plan your trip with some adventure sports such as skiing on the Alps.
  4. North Pole, Alaska –Now this is something really grand. This town in Alaska has over 2500 residents but you would find Christmas decorations all the 365 days of the year. In December, this place becomes more lively and vivacious. You can check out the roads and lanes that you normally heard in stories such as Mistletoe Lane, Kris Kringle Drive and also make sure that you check out the Santaland RV Park. The North Pole is all about Santa. To surprise your friends and family, you can even mail your postcards from Santa’s authorized zip code. Let them receive mails postmarked from the North Pole, Alaska and you will become an instant hit among your friends.
  5. Sydney, Australia –For all the beach lovers, who want to spend their Christmas sunbathing and indulging in barbecue, Sydney is the place for you. Though the weather won’t be cooler but surely there would be no compromise on the festive spirit. The skyline of Sydney, the Harbour Bridge, and Opera House will all be blazing bright this festive season.

Happy Christmas!

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